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Building an e-marketing strategy helps you visit the benefit of listening by addressing the client according to his status and knowledge

At this point you have to find a special system that enables you to obtain real emails and not fake ones. There are several ways to get emails, perhaps the most prominent of which is the principle of "free gift" in return for the email.



At this point, emails are sorted and placed in mailing lists with names that enable you to know which category of visitors you are targeting. For example, visitors who visited a particular page.



At this point the emails must be written and equipped with the skill of Content Writing and Copy Writing where a particular idea is targeted in each sent email until the visitor arrives at the stage of purchase.


Criterias for Success and Improvement in E-mail Marketing

Opening rate of sent messages

Repeatedly Opening Sent Emails

Clicks on Sent Links

Unsubscribe from the E-mail List

Conversion Rates

Customer Interaction with Emails Sent

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Email Marketing

Email marketing strategies help you build a customer database that allows you to target them later.

  • Collecting Emails 
  • Building Email Lists 
  • Applying Email Marketing Strategies

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