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Logo Design and Branding Identity

Choose Digital Bayts to design a creative design for your business and make your brand attractive to gain more customers.


Digital Bayt is a registered and licensed company in both Britain and Turkey

Since 2018, the company and its team have helped over 900 start-ups and medium-sized companies in the Middle East, Africa, Britain, and Canada to achieve their goals

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We are a UK creative design agency creating solutions that align with your brand goals. We will
equip your business with specialists, knowledge and tools to achieve sustainable growth.


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Receive exactly the results as per the agreements we signed before starting

You get 100% full rights to our work as long as the source of each item we design

You get lifetime access to Digital Bayt in order to make any changes

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Submit a contact form describing your requirements
  • Get a free consultation with digital marketing or web design expert to discuss the details
  • Receive a detailed proposal

The main things to consider when choosing branding and web design agency are


Does the agency you’re considering provide all the services you’re interested in

Finding the right digital partner will work out much better for your bottom line than ordering each service separately. And, of course, it’s much easier to keep track of and manage

 Past work

Does the agency display the work they’ve done Do they have case studies of projects similar to the one you’re looking to do

 Integrity and Values

Predatory marketing tactics may deliver results short-term but are bound to harm your brand image and credibility. Most marketing agencies won’t care about the long-term impact of their work on your brand, but it’s best to find one that does

At Digitalbayt we aim to improve your brand image with every piece of marketing we put out and always consider the impact of our work on your business

 Clarity & Process descriptions

Does the agency you’re reviewing have clear and defined processes

Is it clear what you’re paying for and how it’s going to be delivered  Do they use a lot of business jargon Are their service pages all empty promises and no substance

Do you understand exactly what’s going to happen during the engagement, step by step


If something sounds too good to be true, it likely isn’t. We’ve had clients coming back after half a year, telling us they’ve gone with a cheaper option and asking us to redo things properly. The greedy, as we know, pay twice

We’re completely transparent about the project pricing and provide detailed up-front estimates. Request one now

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